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David & Janet Blitchs Family

David Eugene Blitch is in the Seventh Generation.

Listed under Lee Roy & Mary Marie (Beasley) Blitch


This is David Eugene Blitch

Born Feb 14, 1954

Pembroke Ga.


This is Me Janet Lynn (Tucker) Blitch

Born March 27, 1957

Port Jefferson New York

Married David on April 12, 1975 in Hampton Va.

David & Janet Blitch

This was taken in May 1989.



This is our only daughter.

Her name is Crystal Lynn Blitch

She was born July 21 1976

in Hampton Va.

She married Jason Klyer Barkwell

March 25 2000

in Warner Robins, Ga


This is our only son.

His name is Brandon Wesley Blitch

Born July 5 1980 in Hampton Va.

He married Denis Marie Chapman

on June 6 2008 in Tybee Island Georgia.


This is Kristen Michelle Barkwell.

She was Born June 29, 2002.

In Warner Robins, Houston County  Georgia

Kristen is my only granddaughter.

Jason, & Kristen Barkwell

This is my son in law

Jason Klyer Barkwell

Born Feb 3, 1975 in Macon Ga.

This is Father and Daughter. Taken 2005

 Daughter in law

This is my sons wife.

Denise Marie Chapman

Born Jan 5 1981 in Washington State.


Brayden Elliott Barkwell is my thrid grandchild and MY finail one.

He was born July 17,2009

in Warner Robins Houston County Georgia.

He is my only grandson.

This was my sons first child....

I am very sad. We lost our second grandchild on March 27,2007. My prayers are with my sweet angel (Harmoney Nicole Blitch)...